Pat said...

> Me: Yes, definitely the Snow Goose, also another couple of Paul
> Gallico's - Jennie and Thomasina.

Oh yes, I always bawl my eyes out at *that* point in "Jennie".  Also at
various points in the "Emily" books, Matthew's death in AoGG, Jack being
presumed dead in "Highland Twins"...and, well, just about any emotional bit
in any book (wept buckets over "The Outsiders" and "Passage" - non-GO,
both).  I am very easily made tearful by books.  *And* films and plays and
musicals (much sobbing in "Les Miserables", frex) and TV shows (certain
episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"...).

Dorian (lachrymose).

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