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Natasha asked:

<<<Has anyone seen Finding Neverland yet? I gather they they have killed
poor Mr Llewellyn-Davies before the film begins so possibly not madly
accurate - but who cares, so long as the costumes and sets look pretty?
me, that's for sure.>>>

Oh Natasha, take your hankies with you if you're intending to see it!!
Yep, Mr Llewellyn-Davies is out of the picture before the action begins,
and yep, the costumes are fab, though some of the sets aren't how I'd've
imagined them. Kensington Gardens looks very nice, though, and the boys
are sweet. But I repeat, for anyone who has yet to join the
Anti-Sobbists, be prepared for lots of snivelling.

Absolutely. It simplifies the L-D family (drops the youngest son and
kills off Mr L-D before Barrie meets the family) and speeds up the
writing of PP. Plus Johnny doesn't have a silly Edwardian moustache but
I'm sure we'd all agree that's a good thing. And he does get to dance
with a bear. But yes, anyone who cries at the Railway Children better
take plenty of tissues. it's fabulous.


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