Natasha said (of her husband): 

<<<He has also cried at the bit in the Sound of Music when the Captain breaks 
down singing Edelweiss at the concert, Susan, so you are really not alone 
(we both did.)>>>

I meant to say in response to Susan, it's not when the captain breaks down that 
gets me, but immediately after, when Maria (aka the completely wonderful Julie) 
takes up the song, so brave and strong, though she must be feeling just as 
dreadful as he does about leaving her beloved homeland. Stirring stuff. I wept 
buckets over the Sound of Music Children, the documentary showing them as 
grown-ups a couple of years ago. 

Shereen (in a good mood cos Julie singing 'I could be happy with you' from The 
Boyfriend was today's show tune on Dawn Patrol (radio 2) this morning). 

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