While researching answers for the quiz, I have been astonished to find that there are 'Christian publishers' in the USA who are still printing books first published for the Sunday School trade in the nineteenth century and recommending them as valuable Christian tales. I happen to enjoy these old books myself but would hardly suggest them for family reading today.
I'm rather hazy about the dates of the Elsie books. The UK-published books I am thinking of, usually published by RTS, tend to emphasise practical Christianity e.g. mission work in the East End of London, rather than personal holiness. An example would be Miss Nettie's Girls, 1887.

Claire wrote
2. Sunday School Books

I was wondering - were the highly didactic moralistic 'Sunday School' books an American Phenomenon? Or were British Children also subjected to these awful stories? Judging from Joey & Co's reaction to the Elsie books, they must have been somewhat outside the usual story books read by schoolgirls in the 20s/30s, but was that just a factor of time - that is, were similar stories appearing in the UK at the same time as, say, the Elsie books?

-- Barbara Dryden

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