I have a new job, starting as a library  assistant in three weeks and I am 
really really pleased!
I have been a nurse  for the last 25 years, mainly in the UK also in Africa 
and the Middle East and  enjoyed it most tof the time but I have got really fed 
up with it the last few  years and have finally managed to break 
free.Hopefully the start of a whole new  career.
I would have stayed in nursing a bit longer if I could have got a  term time 
contract, I certainly earn a lot more as a nurse, but it would appear  that it 
is easier to recruit nurses from abroad than it is to give British SRNs  a 
term time contract, so boo sucks to the NHS. At least the library will be  
cleaner than our local hospitals.
Sorry its OT but it  is book  related!


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