Are Sunday School prize books still widely given?  The church we went to in
England didn't have Sunday School as such, just family services with a
creche for very small children, and I think this was the case with other
local churches too. The only books comparable my children ever had was from
Father Christmas at a church mother and toddler group, who gave them lovely
Christmas story picture books, which I particularly liked because Mary was
visibly heavily pregnant in the pictures.

I adored Sunday School when I was young - mainly because of the prizes.
When we were very young they were always from a uniform series of Bible
stories for children, and being a sucker for series even then I liked the
way my collection looked on my bookshelves.  And when we were older I
remember titles like From Rebels to Helpmates, and Penny Goes to Rhodesia,
and one about a boy being trapped in a coal mine. And they had lovely
illuminated bookplates too.  Aside from the books, the other things I loved
were the jumbo sized religious fuzzy felt figures, and a scale model of the
Tabernacle.  And tracts - little pictures with lines from the Bible on them.
What were they for? I can't remember what we did with them when we got them.
Debra (trundling down memory lane)

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