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> Can any GOers claim to be P&I? I've always kind of envied those who
> akshully *look* as ill as they feel, you know, the people you take one
> at & immediately order a taxi to send them home. One of my friends always
> turned a delicate pale green when she felt the slightest bit unwell & was
> sent to lie down - I am sure she was never suffering any more than anybody
> else. I always look fit to swim the Channel, even when I have pneumonia.

Don't know about interesting, but I'm naturally fair-skinned and when
ill/upset/happy I either go dramatically pale or dramatically flushed! This
has on occasion led to some rather embarrassing incidents, such as the time
when, innocently leaning against my best friend's locker, a teacher decided
I was starting to faint (rather than just a bit tired) and insisted on head
going between knees! I also get tremendously obvious dark circles under my
eyes, which has people enquiring...


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