Am packing up to move so a list of things I can bear to part with. Sorry
can only take sterling, cash or cheques postage extra


GBP1.50 each, hb unless stated

Jane Shaw: Crew of the Belinda, Crooks Tour, Bernese Adventure, Susan's
Helping Hand, Susan Muddles Through, Susan Rushes in, Breton Adventure

Katherine Oldmeadow: Fortunes of Jacky

EBD: 3-in-1 pb - Jo Returns / New CS / Three Go

Ethel Talbot: Girls of the Big House, Diana the Daring

Streatfeild: Beyond the Vicarage

ALOE: Story of  Needle

Mollie Chappell: Rhodesian Adventure

Wyn Brocklebank: Windmill Hill

Dorothy Dennison: Corrie & Co

Mary Elwun Patchett: Your Call Miss Gaynor (stage story)

Elizabeth Weatherell: Wide Wide World

GBP 3 each

Mara Kay: House Full of Echoes, dw

Margaret Moncrieff (Helen McLelland): Memoirs, pb, almost as new

Ethel Turner: Three Little Maids

Mrs George deHorne Vaizey: A Houseful of Girls, Queechy

Camp Fire Novels: 
Girl Scouts of the Eagles Wing (Margaret Vandercook), 
Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill(Margaret Vandercook), 
Camp Fire Girls Across the Sea(Margaret Vandercook), dw
Camp Fire Girls at the White House (Julianne DeVries) dw, 
Camp Fire Girls on Caliban Island (Julianne DeVries) , 
Camp Fire Girls as Detectives (Julianne DeVries) , 
Camp Fire Girls at Long Lake (Jane Stewart) 
Camp Fire Girls on the March (Jane Stewart)
Camp Fire Girls in the Woods (Jane Stewart)
Camp Fire Girls in the Mountains (Jane Stewart), dw
Camp Fire Girls on the Farm (Jane Stewart), dw
Camp Fire Girls Trip up the River (Stella M Francis)
Camp Fire Girls' Outing (Stella M Francis)
Camp Fire Girls at Hillside (Margaret Love Sanderson)
Camp Fire Girls at Forest Lodge (Margaret Penrose)

Martha Finley: Millie Keith Series, as new - these are Mission City
Press adaptations of the originals: 
Millie's Unsettled Season, 
Millie's Courageous Days, 
Millie's Remarkable Journey, 
Millie's Faithful Heart, 
Millie's Steadfast Love, 
Millie's Grand Adventure

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