> Kate, have we suggested before that it is time you thought about copying
the plays
> performed by the Chalet Girls?  I'm sure your little darlings would love
the one about
> the Christmas Bells.  And we would love to hear about them singing all
those obscure
> carols!
> Cheers
> Di

I think some of the Chalet Christmas plays would be thought a little slow by
most of our kids - plus we are lacking a few golden-voiced soloists.  Plus
(gasp!) we do let our audiences applaud!  In a church too!  Lucky EBD can't
see it.

Having said that I am running out of ways to ring the changes on the
Christmas play.  We've done Christmas round the world, Christmas in history,
Christmas carols, Christmas customs, and last year we did a version of "A
Christmas Carol", with quite a lot of licence taken with the plot (e.g. five
spirits instead of three!)  I am thinking of having a TV-documentary theme
this year with a Year 6 film crew reporting on events from Bethlehem and
interviewing the protagonists.

Actually I have pinched stuff from GO lit before now.  Once I did a Year 4
pantomime of Cinderella, in which I "borrowed" quite a few rhyming couplets
from the version in Pamela Brown's "Swish of the Curtain".  Don't tell the
copyright lawyers.  :-)

Kate D.

PS  The cat has made a miraculous recovery from his sprained paw and is now
eating like a pig.

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