My perception is that current religious publishing in the USA is, at least
in part, closely tied to the conservative Christian section of the
homeschool movement there. Certainly tales such as the Elsie series and
another late Victorian one called Stepping Heavenward are recommended in
such circles as aspirational examples of submissive Christian womanhood in
the sphere of the home. Internet examples abound if you Google on something
such as Stepping Heavenward in conjunction with Homemakers or Christian
Girlhood, for instance. Other Victorian books being reissued with similar
aims but for boys include much of Henty (eg adventure/history stories about
being manly but  untainted by 'modern' content) which a US publisher is
handling. The McGuffey readers beloved of Laura Ingalls Wilder are also
currently very in vogue in conservative homeschool groups, I believe. It
seems to go hand in hand with a somewhat isolationist approach which seeks
to 'shelter' children from most aspects of modern life and to seek to bring
them up with not only the values but the literary persectives of an earlier,
and (in their perception) more moral age.  Not sure this is particularly
healthy or desirable, but whilst it's a minority, it's one with a lot of
buying power, certainly enough to create a viable market for such reissues.

It's amazing what you can glean from a few internet searches when separate
interests intersect, sometimes in strange and alarming conjunctions!


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