Kate D wrote:
> I had to pull myself together in Waterstones the other day, as tears were
> welling up.  I was looking through the children's picture books and found
> one that was a sort of doggy equivalent of "Goodbye Mog".  The little boy
> wants to run and play but the dear old family dog can't quite keep up with
> him any more; then the dog dies and goes to doggy heaven and looks down
> sees the little boy being very sad.  So she sends him a dream about a
> then his parents take him to see some puppies and he chooses the puppy
> looks like the one in the dream.  The old dog, having seen the little boy
> and the puppy being happy together, now feels free to enjoy herself
> butterflies in doggy heaven.  SOB!!

Um, I just started crying at your *description* of this book, so I think I
might give it a miss! <g> Rose mentioned 'Jock of the Bushveld' - we watched
it at school when I was in year 3, and the girls were in floods of tears at
the end and the boys teased us mercilessly. I vowed then never to watch it
again or to read the book! Silly. But I can't watch/read things where
animals die. I get choked up enough at the ones that have *happy* endings
(my personal fave being the film 'Homeward Bound', which is the remake of
'The Incredible Journey' in which the animals talk. When the old dog comes
limping over the hill after they've just given him up for dead..."BAWL*)


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