I don't think Lisa_T's done anything else that's on the Sally Denny
Library (though there may be more in the Cookies & Drabbles thread of
the CBB), but GGBP are publishing a filler-in that's she's written - not
sure of the exact details, though.


>>> "Catriona Rochford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 11/11/04 
Just read this story and wow, I'm really impressed! I don't normally
fanfics much, because I often find the style doesn't match up well, but

that one read like a true Chalet story, and covered the more modern
incredibly well. I think I'll look and see if the author's written any

other fanfics, because that is one of the best I've seen (and I include
"filler" books in that!)

Catriona R. 

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