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> I just read someplace that LD's story wound up with a not-so-happy ending: 
> he
> had enough adversity in his adult life to wind up throwing himself onto a
> train
> or subway track to end it all.  How sad.  
> -- 

Peter killed himself c1960 (at Sloane Square station) and Michael drowned at 
Oxford (with another student - it's usally assumed to have been a  suicide 
pact). George was killed in WW1. All very sad. Mr L-D was still alive during 
the writing of Peter Pan ( a fifth boy was born after the play was first 
performed) and, IIRC, according to Andrew Birkin's book, moved house to get 
away from Barrie. I think Barrie's involvement with the family is usually 
accepted to have been a little more contraversial (though not necessarily for 
sinister reasons) than the film made out (and if I'd been Mr L-D I'd have been 
a bit annoyed by the Hook/Mr Darling doubling). Certainly Peter L-D did destroy 
all Barrie's letters to Michael because they were 'too much' (and since he was 
a publisher, he knew their literary signficance better than most).  Don't think 
it stops it being a great film though. 

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