Lisa said: 

<<<I can't read/watch the end of 'A Little Princess' without a large box of 
tissues - especially the 80s ITV production with Amelia Shankley as Sara.>>>

Has anyone seen the Shirley Temple film of this? For reasons best known to 
themselves the film-makers brought the action forward in time to the turn of 
the 20th century, and re-located Captain Crewe to South Africa, thus enabling 
him to be imprisoned in the siege of Mafeking before making his heroic escape. 
Shirley Temple was *not* right for the part of Sara, I mean, just try to 
imagine a tap-dancing Sara Crewe with blonde curly hair and dimples? Sorry, no. 
And they gave the film the most awful syrupy sweet ending, which I suppose was 
par for the course for Hollywood at the time, but it made my toes curl when I 
saw it, which, thankfully, was only once and that was some time ago. 

I didn't know there'd been an 80s ITV production - the 80s being That Time in 
my life when I wouldn't've been seen dead watching children's TV. Happily I'm 
now free of such concerns, so does anyone know if it's available? And was it 
true to the book? I'd love to see a really atmospheric version, the yellow fog 
hanging low over London town etc, and the New York film version a few years 
ago, which I quite liked, was obviously very different. 

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