Sorry to anyone who's already come across this.  This was posted to another
list I am on, and I thought it was highly appropriate to pass on to GO.


One of the most common sources of stagnant chi in an environment is an
item many people can hardly bear to part with: BOOKS.

Books often take up quite a bit more space energetically than their
small physical size might indicate -- packed as they are with stories,
wisdom,innovation and emotion. Like other concentrated forms of energy (such
as money, blood or oxygen) books can be tremendously life-giving when they
are in circulation and serving a purpose.  When circulation becomes
blocked, serious problems can ensue.

>From time to time, it's useful to take a tour of the books in your
home and office: Are there any books that have not been used or touched in
quite some time? Books you've never even read, and probably never will?  Are
there books on your shelves that are intrinsically connected to thought
patterns and emotions you have long since left behind?<<<

Kate D,
(now thinking I have serious problems with stagnant chi!)

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