>  >>Question, for those who've read A Chalet Girl in Trouble. 
> Apart from intention (obviously!) do you think there's a 
> difference between what Jack etc routinely do to the girls 
> and what Grainne's cousin did to her? (Yes, I do realise that 
> intention matters a great deal in this instance but it's 
> still taking someone's control away from them isn't it?)
> NickyW<<
> C'mon, Nicky! Jack's a *doctor*!
> Claire

Ah! Of course! Only one step down from God :)))) Without wanting to
pre-empt / spoil, Jane Harris has written a fascinating piece in this
quarter's FOCS mag which makes, indirectly, the point that certainly in
the Tyrol days, only adults were dosed, not the girls. The rest of my
response on this has, I'm afraid, to go to FOCS for next time!!


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