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> I take it that Peter Ll-D is the central boy in the movie?  In life it was
> George, and later Michael who were most imporant to Barrie. Peter gave his
> name to Pan, of course. I suppose that was the filmmaker's logic for their
> choice.  
> The Andrew Birkin book is wonderful, especially for the haunting,
> beautiful, photographs.
> Karen 
> Minneapolis
The film is quite clever in that the whole point is that Peter doesn't want to 
be Barrie's favourite, nor is he anything like Peter Pan (which seems to have 
been the case in real life). The film does have a very clever explanation of 
why George and Jack don't have their names in the play but Peter and Michael 
do. But the choice of Peter as lead character isn't quite as simplistic as it 
just being about the name.

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