Caroline German wrote:
>Jonathan's speech when >presenting that daft
> umbrella at the Prom get me >every time:

Is this the same Jonathan who's part of the three villains later?

> "Most of us never found the time >to get to know you. But that >doesn't
> mean we haven't noticed you. >We don't talk about it much, but >it's no
> secret Sunnydale High isn't >really like other schools. <snip> >We're
> proud to say that the class of '99 >has the lowest mortality rate of
> any graduating class in >Sunnydale history. And we know >at least part
> of that is because of you. So the >senior class offers its thanks, >and
> ... gives you, uh, this... It's from >all of us, and it's got written
> here, "Buffy Summers. Class >Protector.""

Thank you for quoting this! I remember being really gripped by this speech too, 
and I've been trying ever since to catch a re-run of that particular episode. 
But I've always missed it!

> TV makes me cry *way* more >than books. In books, it's just >Jacynth's
> Auntie's letter, really.
Oh yes. That sets me off too. Every time!


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