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>No, its the last resort, Diane. For use very sparingly, and only when 
>admin requests have been not taken seriously.

I know how aggravating that must be, Helen, and of course I trust you.
But although I don't want to be the Nita Tomlinson of GO or act as if
I'm in That Term At St Faith's, but I really dislike this whole idea,
and still feel at liberty to say so.  

A Miltonist at heart (I discover this to my own surprise) I cannot
praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, I fear.  It seems to be that
the recent debate on the US elections, though vitriolic, was highly
instructive.  I for one made an effort to take it to email, and have yet
to hear from the person I contacted.  Presumably she was only interested
in public debate.  Those not interested have only to click 'delete' and
the offensive emails vanish.  

I would also argue strenuously for the permeability of the 'topic' we
discuss.  At bottom, it's books, and talking about books can lead almost
anywhere - to cooking or religion or showjumping or very personal
histories - and all those thigns can eb relevant to books and
illuminating about them.  I fear - and it may be irrational - that this
admin rule may lead to self-censorship; people may so dislike the spank
that they don't dare bring up politics or history or religion.  And I
for one love the way we can discuss hairwashing one week and Bush the
next, with an in-depth reading of Trease's politics sandwiched between.  

I think all I'm really saying is that I love GO as it is.  And I don't
want it to change.  

There.  I've said my say.  And that's what it's all about.  
Diane Purkiss
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