I was relieved when I heard there was to be a possiblility of moderating & I didn't see it as a way of stiffling OT discussions, but of stopping them when the request to stop had not been heeded. I was getting very unhappy about the debate which occassioned this ultimate sanction. Yes, I was deleting them, but even so it was clogging up my in-box & I was groaning 'Oh not again' before deleting. And there was the apparent insistence on getting in the last word even after others had heeded the request to stop.

So I'm for this 'last resort' of nmoderation - and it was said that it was only for a week, I think, until the heat had died down & the list had moved to tother things, then the 'moderated' person would be free to opost unmoderated again.

I enjoy many OT discussions, but I must admit, ont his one I was thoroughtly fed up witht eh US elections on TV, without having it on GO as well.

We have had people leave the list (or threaten to) when Ot discussions have got out of hand, and this should alieviate that problem.

So, 'Go for it' prefects, I say - but use discretions, and only as a last resort!


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