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>>Jonathan's speech when >presenting that daft
>> umbrella at the Prom get me >every time:
>Is this the same Jonathan who's part of the three villains later?

He's in a lot of episodes.  A few examples: In Inca Mummy Girl the Inca
Princess tries to drain him; there's an episode where he decides to gun
down everyone from the Clock Tower; and (my favourite) in Series 4
there's a wonderful alternate reality episode called Super Star in which
everyone adores him and looks up to him and he's the one who saves the
world (a lot).  And yes, he's one of the Three.  

And yes, I am a total Buffy nerd.  I am gearing up to buy Series 1-7 on
DVD later this month by eating a lot of lettuce and toast :).  

Buffy talk reminds me to ask if any GO people have read a series of
high-school books called The Clique.  
Diane Purkiss
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