As the person who made the proposal, then announced it, I need to say that
it is intended as a last resort. This is not about the normal OT
discussions, which have been a part of girlsown since day 3, I think.

This is about a temporary sanction to be used when people ignore the list
admin's request to stop a discussion. That happens very rarely as it is, and
having the request ignored is even rarer.  The Uber-Prefect and admin group
is unchanged and there are no plans to change the way the group works - when
it works. 

A person who is being moderated can still post to the list, but their posts
will be checked to ensure they aren't continuing a discussion that should
have stopped. They will be notified when a post is being held and again if a
post is being rejected. So, yes, Diane, this is censorship. But it is not
secret censorship.

There is a group of admins, so a person who felt they were being unfairly
censored would have a group of people who they could appeal to. 

Some of the moderated newsgroups on the net have set up unbelievably
elaborate moderation systems, including appeals and oversight committees,
and alternate non-moderated groups and websites where rejected posts can be
viewed. I don't think girlsown needs this - for the most part it is a group
which is remarkably free from conflict.


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