Oh yes, Barbara, that was a wonderful series. I particularly liked the
way Barrie was shown as in effect flirting with the boys, offering
exciting ideas and games (and his big friendly dog) and then withdrawing
his attention until they begged him to play with them.

I don't suppose this film goes on to show how, once the Ll-Ds were
growing up and their mother gone, Barrie did it again, and moved in on
the family of Lady Cynthia Asquith. She and her husband were, like the
Ll-Ds having finacncial troubles, and Barrie solved the problem for them
by making Lady C his secretary, but it was apparently not much fun for
her husband having to trail around after Barrie with her.

Ellen Jordan
University of Newcastle

>>> Barbara Dryden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 11/11/04 06:36pm >>>
There was a brilliant TV series: J M Barrie & the Lost Boys, starring
Holm as Barrie. Based on the book by Andrew Birkin, which gives all the

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