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I only read Wintle's Wonders as an adult and liked it up until the last chapter
when Rachel suddenly becomes a fabulous dramatic actress. Which I hated because
it seemed as if NS had spent the whole book saying that artistic talent wasn't
everything and there were many different sorts of achievement (and kudos to her
for letting Hilary do musical comedy. I'm sure Lorna Hill would have been
horrified) and then in the last chapter she says that really Rachel has the
most important talent of all. I wanted her to be like Petrova or Myra and good
at something else or just be a nice person with no particular talents. But if
I'd been a child, maybe I would have gone with the fantasy more.
It's my favourite NS as well: I did read it as a child, and thought that the ending was wonderful - I remember laughing out loud with triumph when I got there.  It's a Cinderella story, of course, and how could one want Cinderella to stay sitting in the ashes, even if we're all assured that sweeping kitchens is far more important and useful than marrying princes?  I can quite see that, from an adult point of view, we'd like to be reassured that humdrumity (if I may invent an abstract noun) is better than fame and fortune, because most of us on this list are humdrumers (and again...).  But for a child, never!
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