I agree wholeheartedly with you and Diane (whose name I think I've just
misspelt. Sorry!) It would be a great pity if GO were to change into yet
another "Let's keep to the topic, please" sort of list so Helen's
suggestion is quite a good way of avoiding this. I'm sure our list Admin.,
who are very sane people, will keep such interventions to a minimum. There
have been quite a lot of eruptions recently and this will hopefully help
to cool things down at such times without preventing the free discussions
which make GO such fun. Maybe I'm a bit sick but I even enjoy the

> I also love the permeability of GO. And I think it's very important
> to be able to discuss politics and religion, as these are really central
> to much of the literature that we discuss. It would be difficult to
> discuss Pullman, C.S. Lewis, Antonia Forest, or most 19th-century
> authors without some reference to politics or religion.
> I love the fact that GO is very international and varied and that one
> can get the perspectives of people from a huge variety of countries,
> age-groups, religions, and political viewpoints. I have learned a lot,
> and adjusted some of my own assumptions.
> I would be very sad if this list became just another list that
> required one to just post on very specific topics, and discouraged
> all off-topic comment.
> In other words, I, too, would like GO to remain as it is.
> However, my interpretation of Helen's remark was not that certain
> topics are banned and anyone who posts on them will be promptly
> censored. It does seem that there are a few topics that arouse
> very strong feelings in some people, and can lead them to
> attempt to 'spank' and 'censor' people who post on these subjects.
> This sort of thing is not always confined to politics or religion.
> I think that for most people, being 'spanked' by other list members
> is actually more intimidating than being 'spanked' by a moderator,
> because it feels more personal. Having some possibilities for action
> by a moderator in extreme cases, may actually reduce some people's
> nervousness about posting.
> Ann

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