In a message dated 13/11/2004 16:53:10 GMT  Standard Time, Con writes (well, 
quotes in her signature  line):

>Liberals:  people who don't approve of something: so they  don't do it.
Conservatives: people who don't approve of something: so they  don't want
anyone to do it.<

Mmm.  A bit provocative?   And also one of those witty remarks which 
disintegrates when  examined.   I'd have said that neither Liberals and 
like  other people to do what they disapprove of - I mean, I hadn't noticed 
that the  anti-hunting brigade (to avoid flames, I'd better stress that I 
dislike hunting  and won't mind when it's banned) are happy to let other people 
on doing it.  And if I said: "Well, I greatly disapprove of the Iraq war, but 
if Bush and  Blair want to send troops, who am I to protest?" you'd think I was 

Surely the person who disapproves and doesn't want anyone to do it  is simply 
human?  The person who doesn't approve and doesn't do it, but  lets other 
people do it is either very tolerant (TRULY tolerant, which means  putting up 
with things you hate, not just shrugging your shoulders), or lax,  depending on 
what the thing is. 

Yep - off-topic, but I'm clearly  Conservative, and don't want anyone to 
produce tendentious quotations.   Sorry, Con!


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