Kait said

"I loved Buffy and Angel together, but since they can't be, I really want
the Buffy/Spike thing to work. Spike is certainly a great character with
lots of charisma, I can understand why they brought him back"

I loved Buffy and Angel together too, and that episode in Angel "I will
remember you" *almost* made me cry, but Spike and Buffy...well, that's
another thing altogether.  I think the reason I am such a Spike fan was that
even at his worst as a vampire, he still had a heart with a great depth for
love, with Drusilla and then Buffy.  Angel was only loving when he had a
soul...when he lost it, well, we know how evil he was.

Diane said

"I think Buffy is a GO text, even though it's a. tv and b. often teen
romance.  The first three series are set at school, and many of the
themes-and-issues are VERY GO - friendship and its limits, popularity and
its price, public duty versus private pleasure."

Thanks Diane!

"Spike, otoh, is straight from another kind of literature altogether, the
realist novel of the Angry Young Men, and the whole point of him is that he
really has no proper place in the Buffyverse socially, which is why he
carries such a strong sexual charge of alienness and difference."

I think that is why he works so well...and that is why I am totally inlove
with him.

I think that the most interesting and enjoyable characters of buffy have
been the 'outsider' characters - Cordelia, Spike, Anya.   Even though they
do become part of the "Scoobies" I find they never fit in as well as the
others who came in later, eg, Tara and Riley.  I liked their honesty -
Cordelia had no tact whatsoever and just blurted out the bleeding obvious,
Spike didn't give two hoots and said what he thought, which was pretty much
what no one wanted to say, and Anya, I think tactless would be her as well.

In most GO I can think of (and my reading is very basic still) characters
who spoke what they thought were favourable regarded as honest, whereas I
think buffy and co just wished these three would shut up.  Does that make

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