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> Pam writes:
> I wondered  when book sequels & series first became common? . .
> feature largely in GO fiction - was there anything much before Alcott
> Montgomery / Oxenham series & Brazil's pairs?

Ellen suggested

> The earliest I can think of at the moment are The Fairy Bower and The
> Lost Brooch by Harriett Mozley, both published in 1841. Charlotte
> saw them as the inspiration for the whole genre of books for girls.

I've not read Sandford and Merton but the publication dates are
1783-1789 so I assume it was published in several volumes. I don't think
we are ever going to come up with an official 'earliest sequel' !
There's also Through the Looking Glass which hasn't been mentioned.
There's also Leila books of the 1840s (the first is 1839, the second
1842 - I've been looking through Gillian Avery !). But I think American
children's writers have always been more series conscious - as well as
Alcott, there's Katy and Elsie. And there has never been a British
equivalent to the Stratmeyer (sp) syndicate books - the nearest is some
of the story papers which would draft in subsitute authors when the main
one was on holiday. I don't own the Phantom Friends guide to series but
IIRC that includes quite a few nineteenth century books.


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