Guess who's bought a whole boxful of Princess magazines?  They are the very
GOish story papers containing stories, cartoon strips, letters, all sorts of
stuff.  I've got about fifty of 'em now, dating from 1963 to 1965.  I think
they're only 24 pages each but never mind.  One of them contains a full
colour (!) pinup of Cliff Richard which ought to send me weak at the knees.
Some of them have offers for clothes available by mail-order and mostly they
are awful.  Equally awful knitting patterns are printed too.  Plenty of
serial stories, almost every issue has a Sue Day cartoon, but also there are
bits of stories by Streatfeild, Aiken, Hazel Armitage, Pat Smythe, all
sorts.  Plenty of ballet - something about ballet in just about every
I used to read these magazines when I was 8 or 9, going through the stacks
left in the shed of our house by the previous owner.  Dad threw them out.
This is revisiting childhood with a vengeance.

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