Barbara's fascinating notes on mothers illustrated most of the uses of
illnesses in children's books that Dorian and the subsequent discussion had
put forward.  What strikes me reading Eva's notes on DFB, and contrasting
them with the
other authors so far mentioned, Haverfield and LMM particularly as well as
some of
the various American ones covered by Christine, is that DFB uses illness in
many of the *plot-progressing* ways outlined by Dorian, but unlike the
others, she seems not to use illnesses in the other way of varying the
emotional tone, tugging heart-strings, as the others do.  There are no
bedside crises.  If EBD etc have
*more* illness in their books than real-life would have indicated at the
time, surely DFB has *less* than would be representative of the times.  And
she doesn't even seem to use them as a way of illustrating character,
indicating stoicism etc.  Why?


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