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>>NB: Sue, what is true tolerance as opposed to laxness?  I  mean, how can
>you tell? <
>Well, I suppose I'm not authorised to do so (Judge not...), but in  principle 
>I'd say that if it hurts, it's tolerance. The word is  from 'tuli', the 
>perfect tense of 'ferre' (IIRC), meaning 'to bear' -  like bearing a burden.

Qui tollis peccata mundi, then.  So to tolerate a sin is to bear its
burden - and bear it away? - from the sinner?  Fascinating.  Much more
interesting than what I was getting at.  

I suppose what I meant was can you tolerate something while trying to
convert/change/reprieve/expel it or them?  If eg I tolerate kids letting
off fireworks in my street in the sense of saying 'Boys will be boys'
through gritted teeth, but also mention it to their parents or the
police, has my tolerance failed?  

Bringing this back on topic, this too is a common GO dilemma; what is
tolerance and what is merely slack, as in Dimsie Head Girl.  
Diane Purkiss
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