Yes Nicky is right. If one broadens the category to children's books
more generally, one can find examples of series/sequels even back in the
1780/1810 period. 

I have just pulled from the shelf two tiny little books with
marbled-paper covers that I'd almost forgotten I had. One is called
"Frank/In Four Parts/PartIII/ Eighth of the Series of Early Lessons by
Maria Edgworth" and is dated 1803. The other is Frank Part IV. I'm not
sure if her Harry and Lucy stories (mentioned I think in Little Men)
began as a series, but according to Copac they were issued as Practical
Education in 1780, and the Copac lists suggest she went on writing
others to follow.

I'm not so sure about Sandford and Merton being a series, though. Copac
lists a number of copies in libraries with the date 1783, and then a
1790 "fifth edition, corrected". There was also an abridged edition
"embellished with elegant plates" published in 1790, but no suggestion
of anything that could be seen as a sequel.

Ellen Jordan
University of Newcastle
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