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> As luck would have it, I actually have a first ed 1789 copy of Vol 3
> Sandford & Merton (though sadly not vols 1 & 2).  It is quite
definitely one
> continuing novel in three volumes rather than three complete stories
> put together as one; Vol 3 starts out with reference to events in the
> previous volume but without explanation, thus:
> 'While these scenes were passing, Mrs Merton, though ignorant of the
> of her son, was not undisturbed at home.'
> It's a lovely edition with publisher's adverts at the back, from which
> learn that the original 3 volume set cost 10s 6d bound.
> Serial at a stretch, given the length of time between publication, but
> series definitely not.

The full text is at
http://www3.shropshire-cc.gov.uk/etexts/E000276.htm - where does Vol 3
begin so we can see if Vol Two ends on a cliffhanger (will Tom neglect
his studies or will he get his Latin grammar done ? Tune in in three
years time for the thrilling conclusion)


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