Belinda wrote:
There is another series called the Sleepover Club - can't now recall name of
author (definitely having a senior moment!) but I've sometimes wondered if
they too are syndicated - they're tremendously formulaic.

I found one of those in a charity shop some time ago - very odd English children's books turning up but hardly ever any really interesting one - and was going to ask GO about them. This one is Sleepover Girls on the Range, by Fiona Cummings, Collins, 2000; no 30. 'Original series characters, plotlines and settings c Rose Impey 1997.' It's set in England but has an American feel. There are PC features like the rich benevolent Indian businesswoman Mrs Chandri, who sounds more likely in the UK, however.

So I'm curious to know more about this series which I'd never heard about before. I'm not sure whether to ut this for sale or keep it as an example of modern girls' fiction.

Eva Margareta

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