I had the same reaction to you in expecting the plot to go in that
direction.  I thoiught it was a very entertaining book, if not the most
plausible of plots (g).
Lisa S
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> very much enjoyed The Honour of the School, I recently read the Cinderella
> Girl by E.M. Channon, which has a sort of cooking theme.  ...
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> Have I read too many books where girls marry men twice their age?  At the
> beginning, I was sure Stacy would eventually marry Agatha's handsome
> Sir Humphrey Phayre, and thus be rescued from her woeful life.  When I
> realized he had financial troubles, that was clearly not going to happen,
> and then the man committed suicide, spoiling his eligibility to be Prince
> Charming to Stacy's Cinderella.  It was very thoughtless of him...

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