Mm, just read some interesting emails. The type that have me shouting & waving 'over here mates'. And the type that I have to comment on, you have left me know choice I'm afraid.

Isn't 'S-air-ra' the same as Sera ??????

If it isn't, then what is it?

Calm down now girl, and get to the point. I have noticed two different ways of saying 'Sarah', one way (my way) is 'Sera'; the other way is 'Sara' (where the a is pronounced as an a).

Now, since I went to primary school with a Sarah/Sally (of the Denny type) I could see that for some reason the was a completely unphonetical way of writing my name. However, I always assumed that meant all those without the silent 'h', were pronounced how it was written. How wrong was I - it seems there is at least one Sara who calls herself Sera.

You know, when I found that out I just stood there. I simply could not take it in, luckily I didn't go by instinct & scream as I was in a room full of people, but really. Have you English no sense at all when it comes to phonetism? Why can you not say things as they are written? Why must I always have to find myself being forever corrected as to how you say these things?

There is one thing I would like to ask of you all, could you remember that are a few of us who have been brought up to pronounce every syllable of every word & in the same way. We have out stresses (if there are any, which I doubt) at the start of the sentence, with a rise in tone at the end, regardless of what it consists of.

I do find all theses comments about where the 'stress' goes in a word confusing. I'm not even sure, I have it's meaning correct. And if you going to mention somewhere, do remember that I may think you mean a completely different place.

Take care,

Sera Mair Owen Roberts

Pronounced exactly how you see it; with no hidden letters, or with syllables that sound different to they look <g>
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