Thanks for the comments, Janice. I agree that the rickyard/expulsion
incident is distressing even to an adult - it is interesting to hear the
perspective from someone who read the book as a child. What I find
interesting reading it  now is how cleverly AF makes clear who the real
"winners" and :"losers" are - Lois loses her friendship with Jill, she is
ticked off and made to feel a worm by Miss Redmond, admits her own
culpability in a bitter aside,  and  it is made clear later that Lois never
fulfils her potential as a patrol leader and her Patrol is a rabble
afterwards. The incident has ruined Guides for Lois as well. The chapter is
called Court of Honour, the issue is indeed "honour" - Lois has none - and
Nicola and Lawrie still have theirs. What a genius AF is!!!!! Steel yourself
next time, Janice, and give it a go. But childhood feelings are hard to

I found the unfairness of the court of honour distressing in Autumn Term.  I
think it was one of the first books i'd read where things didn't come right
in the end.  Mostly I still miss out on the whole rickyard/court of honour
when I reread.


Pat wrote:

> Hi Marcia & others, I wonder what you found distressing in AF's Autumn
> Term - can you remember? I have just read it again and wonder if it was
> unfairness re the expulsion from Guides. Regards, Patricia

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