Just got back from a really great long weekend in Suffolk, and wanted to say
thanks to those GOers who gave me good advice and directions for where to
find bookshops, etc!  We did loads of walking and driving about, it was cold
but lovely and sunny and autumnal, and some of the places we went to were
extremely picturesque!

We also happened to get to Bury St. Edmunds just as the crowds of celebs
were leaving John Peel's funeral. (so I saw Feargal Sharkey and was able to
admire Elton John's floral tribute).

As far as bookbuying goes, the large secondhand bookshop near the cathedral
in Bury St Edmunds was quite interesting but didn't have much of interest in
the children's section.  On Saturday morning we went to a book fair in
Clare, and also to Clare's 3 secondhand book outlets - for GOers reference,
Clare Books had quite a few interesting children's books including a nice
hardback of "The Blakes Come To Melling".  Trinders bookshop is mainly
non-fiction arts and crafts books, nothing of GO interest.  The book section
of the Antiques Centre had lots of collectable Rupert annuals and Noddy
books, etc, but nothing for me.

Investigated the church bookstall in Lavenham, but still no luck.  (though
we did have a fabulous French lunch at the Great House Hotel, which I
thoroughly recommend to passing GOers).

I finally struck lucky in Sudbury, when my book-buyer's radar led me to
glance down a side alley and see a sign for the Parade bookshop, just off
North Street.  Had a great time browsing in there.   The children's section
was not too large but good quality, plus they had a lot of very nice picture
books.  I bought five books, including a beautiful Eleanor Farjeon in d/w
for me, a rare 60s Noggin the Nog for my sister's collection, and a
hilarious picture book to read to my class (couldn't resist, it's basically
the Trojan War only with a giant wooden carrot full of angry rabbits instead
of a wooden horse).  They did have about 12 different Seagull Oxenhams in
nice dustwrappers but I am not an EJO person so I left those.  I then
glanced at the adult fiction and found both the Georgette Heyers I needed to
complete my matching editions set of 70s Pan paperbacks (yes I am that sad!)
so all in all a satisfactory haul.    There were also a great many Suffolk
charity shops I heroically refrained from going into.

Luckily my husband so enjoyed his tour of the Greene King brewery that he
didn't moan about all the book-shopping diversions at all!

Kate D.
(batteries now recharged for long week of school).

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