The current BD subject is especially poignant for me as I have a good book-friend currently receiving hospice care. I know that many Girlsowners have had periods of illness, and I would welcome any suggestions you might have on how to relieve the tedium of being confined to bed with a body that doesn't work, hands which can't hold a book for long, and a mind that is working only too well?

We've suggested audio books, and tomorrow I'm going to send her a book of quizzes and crosswords that she can pick up and put down, but she is particularly fond of EJO and EBD's books, so quizzes featuring these would almost certainly go down well. If anyone has any book-related quizzes that they have done with their local groups and would be happy for me to print and send to her I would be grateful to receive them offlist.

Betula - who'd never make a GO heroine; not being in the *least bit* stoically accepting of the serious illness of a friend.

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