Hi Allison

May I be catty for a moment? Not about you, natch.

Laffing - you certainly wouldn't be the first....

I was one of those who e-mailed Eleanor offlist,

But are you gonna stand up in prayers & say so? Wimp! (s'ok - it's not worth it - this time)

but it *wasn't* a very positive e-mail.  It was filled
with (to paraphrase Harriet Vane) a deadly courtesy,
which any careful reader would have picked up.  She
didn't, as it happens, from her response to me offlist
and the e-mail below.
   So I'm very amused by this claim of Eleanor's!

I *had* kind wondered who these 'positive messages' had come from - I was sort of expecting they'd been Handed Down From On High. Or maybe OOAO Meredith, tho she's been strangely silent lately & I suspect Jim of the trusty voltmeter has finally done her in. I'm not surprised she didn't get it - Eleanor's none too bright as well as having practically all her screws loose (did you follow the links to her kitten site?). I only talk to people like her *on*list where I can be as rude as I like cos she won't get it but everybody else will. Deadly courtesy is obviously wasted upon her.

My post was akshully a dare (as so many are) cos I was too tied up with Real Life to really enjoy the Pullman Pummel & post at the right time. I am waiting to be Moderated - and trying to think of ways to steer legitimate discussions into strange paths that the pres won't see until it's too late. Ok, ok, I am not a nice person & I'm akshully very pleased that they've finally decided to pay attention, but it's such a *lovely* challenge.


>  >>Yes, well, I can also say that every message I
> received personally was very
> positive, including some from self-avowed liberals.
> And a few expressed
> fear of going public to avoid being attacked as I
> was.
> --
> Eleanor <<
> Eleanor, your guy *won*. So what's the problem?
> Claire

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