On 14 Nov 2004 at 8:05, Sally Dore wrote:
<snip> DFB uses illness in many
> of the *plot-progressing* ways outlined by Dorian, but unlike the
> others, she seems not to use illnesses in the other way of varying 
> emotional tone, tugging heart-strings, as the others do.  There are 
> bedside crises.  If EBD etc have *more* illness in their books than
> real-life would have indicated at the time, surely DFB has *less* 
> would be representative of the times.  And she doesn't even seem to
> use them as a way of illustrating character, indicating stoicism 
> Why?

You've hit on one thing that my Topsy-book will be looking at in 
detail, Sally! You've put into words what I've been struggling to do 
for absolutely ages, so thanks very much indeed! :) I'll be covering 
this in my bit for Violets later this month..


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