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> What about the Animal Ark series? They are written by 'Lucy Daniels',
> doesn't exist - in fact, they're written by various authors in a very
> uniform hack-work style. Even the name Daniels was a marketing tool;
it was
> chosen for library shelf proximity to another writer about animal
> name beginning with     D,nametemporarilyescapingme......
I'd forgotten the Ark - they are the first of that sort of thing in
Britain aren't they ? They sit on the shelves next to Colin Danby's
Farthing Woods books (just as John Francombe ebing next to Dick Francis
must help his sales)

> There is another series called the Sleepover Club - can't now recall
name of
> author (definitely having a senior moment!) but I've sometimes
wondered if
> they too are syndicated - they're tremendously formulaic.
These are slightly different aren't they because, like Dr Who or Star
Trek books, they are all credited to the real authors ?. I think Rose
Impey wrote the first few and then handed them over when she got bored.

I'm not sure that formulaicness is a guarantee of syndication though
:-). I know as a child I was convinced Blyton was a syndicate but
everyone insists she did write every word herself.

On a similar note, I was hugely amused by this
http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,1349353,00.html Though GBP 6
a book seems quite pricey to me


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