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>>I *had* kind wondered who these 'positive messages' had come from - I was 
>>sort of expecting they'd been Handed Down From On High.

Well, (on a point of honour, Madam moderator) I was one of those who
emailed Eleanor interestedly and supportively (said she, owning up in
the best traditions of GO.)  

I found it interesting and instructive to hear a different political
perspective; nearly everyone US I know (outside GO) voted for Kerry.  

I think it's scary that people - in and outside GO - seem to have
stopped being willing to listen to any views other than the ones they
hold already.  My father used to joke, 'Don't confuse me with facts, my
mind is made up.'  Please confuse me with facts, GO.  My mind could
always do with a little more opening.  
Diane Purkiss
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