Janice said:

> I found the unfairness of the court of honour distressing in Autumn Term.  I
> think it was one of the first books i'd read where things didn't come right
> in the end.  Mostly I still miss out on the whole rickyard/court of honour
> when I reread.

I am not keen on that bit either. In fact, most of Lois's little tricks make
my blood boil. I often wish Janice, Rowan or Ann would tell the Authorities
what is really going on (and they both have opportunities to do so), but of
course, that would be Sneaking...
What is even more unfair, IMO, is in Attic Term when Nicola is punished like
Ginty for a much smaller offence. Nicola and Lawrie are surprisingly
reasonable about the number of unfair black marks set against them. I feel
that in real life, most kids would make more of an attempt to prove that
they were innocent or at least not that guilty, especially over the whole
hike thing.


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