Natasha said -
> I read a fanfic on the Chaletian bulletin board about a Chalet Girl In
> Trouble last Sunday, and I cried at the end of that. It was very good, in
> case the author is on the list!

I would like to endorse this as well. I thought was fantastic, so true to EBD, & yet so completely uniquely Lisa's as well.

I will be looking forward to her filler, Helen's was pretty good, so if Lisa's fanfic is anything to go by it should be even better (if that is possible).

Another excellent one is 'Newly Wed' by Angel. This had me weeping as well, though it's a completely different style - so if you don't want to read anything unEBD then I wouldn't bother. And I don't mean that controversially, I simply mean that the style of story is not EBD. In some ways that is what makes it good, the way it has been set out. Look you all might as well give it a go, at least then you can see what I mean.

Take care,

Sera x
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