Thanks for replying, Eva, and for the rundown on the series - Nancy at St
Bride's is next on my reading list. I suppose that Morag and Christine's
story is tied up quite nicely in Girls of St Bride's, so there doesn't
really need to be another book about both of them.

I did like the girls in Christine's set, especially the Grub, but I got the
impression that their jolliness and liking for fun with no "purpose" would
soon be knocked out of them, hopefully before they became seniors. I did
think they were a bit silly to write the details of their "fundraiser" on
the tickets - not a very bright idea, was it!

By "St-Bride-ish" I mean that the school is the be-all and end-all of
everything the pupils set out to do. Even the head teacher tries to convey
the worth of character alongside achievement without much apparent success.
The only venture the seniors ever took on which was not wholly centred
around the school ended in social chaos. I think the fourths' tilting
tournament was quite enterprising and they should perhaps have received
praise for the idea if not for the "when and where".

I was fascinated to read that Inchmore was really the Isle of Cumbrae - my
family used to go on holiday there quite frequently when I was younger and
it was one of my favourite places. I'm now itching to go back for a visit! I
don't know about the "dragon" but there is a rock painted like a crocodile
on the beachfront at Millport!

I'll let you know what I think of the next book when I've finished it.


Eva Margareta: Don't you even like Christine's set among the juniors? I'm
not wholly sure I
undersand exactly what you mean by 'St. Bride-ish'; being too obsessed
about what you can do for the school is very common in school stories,
for good or bad.

Girls of St. Bride's is one of my favourite DFBs, both for the setting
and atmosphere and the skilfull handling on the plot. Inchmore is  in
this book said to be in the Outer Hebrides, but it's seen from the two
later books that it's really Great Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde - which
is sometimes counted among the Inner Hebrides - opposite Largs,  which,
as 'Redchurch' and 'Colmskirk', is the centre of DFB land in Scotland.

Eva Margareta
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