> Emma said
> This is the message that Anita announces it. She doesn't 
> mention that it will therefore be Googleable. The archives 
> don't show email addresses, 

Okay, afraid you're wrong. At the bottom of each post on the
mail-archive site there is a nice big button that says 'Reply by email
to NAME' (or poster) and when you click it it opens the email browser
with the poster's personal email address in the 'to' box

and to be honest, I'm fine with 
> that, and prefer the ability to search for keywords, rather 
> than having to guess the right month/ poster/ email's subject 
> . However, I suspect that this is the sort of thing that 
> can't be a majority vote, as I suspect that those who prefer 
> to maintain privacy have stronger feelings about it,

It's not just about privacy, though that is an issue for some people.
It's about email addresses being made available to spammers etc. It's
something I've never suffered from because I don't have my email address
posted anywhere and I don't want to start now.

More than anything I object to (am furious about?) the fact that this
has been done without our being told. Anita's message says nothing about
public availability. I for one won't be posting again


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