A new dev release of libwww-perl is now on CPAN.  In this release I
enabled the HTTP/1.1 support by default in the hope that that will get
these new modules more test exposure.

Other changes since 5.53_95 are:

    HTTP/1.1 support also for https.
    Contributed by Doug MacEachern <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

    HTTP::Daemon's accept now has same behaviour as IO::Socket's
    accept in list context.  Fixed by Blair Zajac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

    More argument sanity checking in HTTP::Request->uri and
    LWP::UserAgent->simple_request.  Patch by Sean M. Burke.

    HTTP::Protocol::http.  Deal with short writes.
    Patch by Norton Allen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

    HTTP::Protocol::http11:  Deal with newlines in header values.

    Net::HTTP: call sysread (instead of xread) when more data is required.

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