Ward Vandewege <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The problem is that I'm trying to use it on non-LWP generated
> web-pages. I was playing with the HTTP-Webtest module and the
> Monkeywrench module to build a test-suite for some web-application
> that I've built. It uses META-style cookies only, without copying
> them into the headers. Both HTTP-Webtest and Monkeywrench use libwww
> to parse the results of their queries and hence don't understand
> this.

Parsing of <meta http-equiv="...."> stuff happen on the client side.
Therefore picking up cookies embedded in the HTML should already work.
Both of HTTP-Webtest and Monkeywrench use LWP in the standard way.  If
they don't pick up your cookies, then there must be a bug somewhere.

> I imagine there may be more websites that do this - and as far
> as I know Apache isn't smart enough to generate proper cookie
> headers from the META-style cookies.

LWP does not rely on the server to move meta stuff into the HTTP
response headers.  It looks into HTML documents (on the client side)
by itself.

> So what now? I think there may be a need for HTTP::Cookie to
> understand raw META-style cookies - at least I could use that...

It is always possible to just invoke the HTML::HeadParser directly on
the response before you pass it off to HTTP::Cookies if you obtained
from something else than a $ua->request() call.


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