Paul Kulchenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi, Gisle!
> > Correct.  The best fix is to not provide such strings.  syswrite()
> > refuse to deal with them too.
> That effectively means that I can't send utf8 encoded strings over
> the wire (5.7.x croaks and 5.6.x doesn't work correctly). I need to
> convert them first, right?


>                             That's where we started. I can definitely
> do it in my application/module, but I would expect that LWP::Protocol
> will take care about it. Am I wrong?

In my view, yes.

> > There is no obvious way to deal with strings containing chars
> > outside 0..255 as _binary strings_.
> Ok, the question is WHO should convert them? App? LWP::UserAgent?
> LWP::Protocol? IO::Socket? Noone? 

I would say the App.

An alternative could be to have the content() method in HTTP::Message
auto convert when it finds high chars.  The problem with this is that
it does not have enough information for selecting what encoding to
use.  From what I understand, you want it to just use UTF8 (because
that happen to be the current internal representation of wide chars).


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